Eerlycke tytkorting bestaende in verscheyde rymen. an entity of type: Book

Works. Selection 
Imprint engraved title-page: printed by C. van Breugel, 1635 
Contains: 8 separately entered plays and collections of poems 
Eerlycke tytkorting bestaende in verscheyde rymen. 
A-F`SUP`8`LO`, `SUP`2`LO`A-F`SUP`8`LO`, `SUP`3`LO`A-B`SUP`8`LO`, `SUP`4`LO`A-E`SUP`8`LO`, `SUP`5`LO`A-C`SUP`8`LO` `SUP`5`LO`D`SUP`4`LO`, `SUP`6`LO`A-E`SUP`8`LO` `SUP`6`LO`F`SUP`4`LO`, `SUP`7`LO`A-C`SUP`8`LO` `SUP`7`LO`D`SUP`4`LO`, `SUP`8`LO`A-C`SUP`8`LO` `SUP`8`LO`D`SUP`4`LO`, `SUP`9`LO`A-H`SUP`8`LO` (`SUP`7`LO`D4, `SUP`8`LO`D4 and `SUP`9`LO`H8 blank) 
164008 - 1b1 A2 $wa : 1b2 F5 inste - 2b1 A2 stel$ : 2b2 F5 ard - 3b1 A2 inn : *3b2 B4 den$ - 4b1 A2 an$sij : 4b2 E5 k$m - 5b1 A2 ekl : 5b2 D3 eeft$ - 6b1 A2 $Li : 6b2 F3 eu - 7b1 A2 de$ : 7b2 D3 en$ - 8b1 A2 odo : 8b2 D2 $Go - 9b1 A2 er$r : 9b2 H5 t$Ko 
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