Margaret (Saint ; Queen of Scotland ; 1045-1093) an entity of type: Person

"Margaret, Saint and Queen of Scots"
"Saint Margaret of Scotland"
"St Margaret, Queen of Scotland"
"St. Margaret of Scotland and Hungary"
"h. Margaretha, koningin van Schotland"
"heilige Margarita, koningin van Schotland"
"sainte Marguerite, reine d'Ecosse"
LC : @Margaret#Queen, consort of Malcolm III, King of Scotland#*ca. 1045-1093*
BNB: @Margaret#Queen#*ca. 1045-1093*
Margaret (Saint ; Queen of Scotland ; 1045-1093) 
Margaret of Scotland (Saint) 
Margaret of Scotland and Hungary (Saint) 
Margaretha (heilige ; koningin van Schotland) 
Margarita (heilige ; koningin van Schotland) 
Marguerite (sainte ; reine d'Ecosse) 

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