Dihḵudā, ʿAlī Akbar (1880-1955)

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Ali Dehkhoda (1879March 9, 1956) was a prominent Iranian linguist and author of the most extensive dictionary of the Persian language ever published. Dehkhoda was born in Tehran to parents from Qazvin. His father died when he was only 10 years old. Dehkhoda quickly excelled in Persian literature and French and graduated from College studying political science. He was also active in politics, and served in the Majles as a Member of Parliament from Kerman and Tehran. He also served as Dean of Tehran School of Political Science and later the School of Law of the University of Tehran.
Dihḵudā, ʿAlī Akbar (1880-1955) 
Dahḵudā, ʿAlī Akbar 
Dehkhoda, Ali Akbar 
ʿAlī Akbar Dihḵudā 
ʿAlī Akbar 

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