Arnim, Elizabeth von (1866-1941) an entity of type: Person

? #Countess#Mary Annette/von@Arnim-Beauchamp
? Elizabeth Mary@Russell (countess Russell)
? Elizabeth/von@Arnim-Beauchamps
? M.A./von@Arnim-Beauchamp
BNB: Elizabeth Von@Arnim*1866-1941*
DNB: Mary Annette/von@Arnim - [komt niet voor!]
UBA: Mary@Beauchamp
UBU: Mary Annette@Russell - [komt niet voor!]
"by the author of 'Elizabeth and her German garden' [= Mary Beauchamp, countess Mary Annette von Arnim, later countess Russell]"
BNB: Mary Annette @Arnim #gräfin von# - [komt niet voor!]
"Elizabeth von Arnim is: Mary Beauchamp, Countess Mary Annette von Arnim, later countess Russell"
Arnim, Elizabeth von (1866-1941) 
Beauchamp, Mary 
Arnim, Mary Annette von 
Russell, ... (gravin) 
Russell, Mary Annette 
Elizabeth von Arnim 
von Arnim 

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