Āḵūndzāda, Fatḥ ʿAlī (Mīrzā ; 1812-1878)

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NUC geeft als hoofdingang: Ahund-zâde, Feth Ali ; de UBU geeft ook: Fätḥ-ʿAlī@Därbändī
Considered the "founder of modern literary criticism in Iran,Akhundzadah used literary criticism as "the vehicle for his reformist impulse. However, he was the first critic in the modern tradition. He emphasized "realistic content in prose and poetry" and attacked the "decadence of Persian literature a literature that failed to address the social needs of its time.
Āḵūndzāda, Fatḥ ʿAlī (Mīrzā ; 1812-1878) 
Achundov, M.F. 
Achundzadä, Fätäli 
Ahund-zâde, Feth Ali 
Ahundov, Fatali (Mirza) 
Ahundzade, Feth-'Ali (Mirza) 
Akhond-zadè, Fèth-Ali (Mirza) 
Akhundof, M.F. 
Akhundov, Fătăli (Mirză) 
Akhundov, M.F. 
Âkhôndzâdà, Feth-ʿAlî (Mîrzâ) 
Âkhôndzâdè, FèthʿAlî (Mîrzâ) 
Ākhūndūf, Fatḥ ʿAlī (Mīrzā) 
Ākhūndzādah, Fatḥ ʿAlī 
Darbandī, Fatḥ-ʿAli ̄ 
Därbändī, Fätḥ-ʿAlī 
Fatḥ ʿAlī Āḵūndzāda (Mīrzā) 
Fatḥ-ʿAli ̄ Darbandī 
Fätḥ-ʿAlī Därbändī 
Fatḥ ʿAlī Āḵūndzāda 
Fatḥ ʿAlī 

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