Muḥammad b. Tughluq (ca. 1290 -1351) an entity of type: Person

regeerperiode: 725/1325-752/1351
zoon van Ghiyās̱ al-Dīn Tughluq
Bron: The Cambridge history of Islam, vol. 2, p. 14: Jawnā Khān ascended the throne with the title of Muḥammad Shāh and is generally known to historians as Muḥammad b. Tughluq, a style used in contemporary literature and inscriptions
Muḥammad b. Tughluq (ca. 1290 -1351) 
Ibn Tughlak, Mohammad 
Ibn Tughluq, Muḥammad 
Ibn Tuġluq, Muḥammad 
Jawnā Khān 
Mohammad bin Tughlak 
Muḥammad Ibn Tuġluq 
Tughlak, Mohammad bin 
Tughluq, Muḥammad Ibn 
Tuġluq, Muḥammad Ibn 
ca. 1290  

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