Elgin, James (8th Earl of ; 1811-1863)

http://data.bibliotheken.nl/id/thes/p121906582 an entity of type: Person

Elgin, James (8th Earl of ; 1811-1863) 
xsd:gYear 1863 
Bruce, James (8th Earl of Elgin) 
Elgin, ... (Earl of) 
Elgin, James Bruce (8th Earl of) 
James (8th Earl of Elgin) 
LC: #Earl of#James Bruce@Elgin*1811-1863* 
LC: James Bruce @Elgin #8th Earl of #*1811-1863* 
Ook: Lord Elgin 
Ook: eighth Earl of Elgin 
James Elgin 
xsd:gYear 1811 

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