Harris, Richard (1930-2002)

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Harris, Richard (1930-2002) 
xsd:gYear 2002 
Harris, Richard St. John 
Harris, Richard (Richard St. John), actor; b. Oct. 1, 1933; ... songs recorded include McArthur Park. (In: "Who's who in America 1995") 
Harris, Richard R. St. Johns; Irish actor; b. 1 Oct. 1933 (In: "Int2ernational who's who 1997-98") 
Harris, Richard. Born 31 October 1933 (In: "International dictionary of films and filmmakers : Actors and actresses") 
Harris, Richard (g. 1930) (In: "Wie is wie in de film") 
Zie tevens (foutieve) ppn 27453522X 
07#born October 1 1930, Limerick, Ireland / Bronnen: obituaries BBC en The Independent 
Richard Harris 
xsd:gYear 1930 

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