Pembroke, Mary Sidney Herbert (countess of ; 1561-1621) an entity of type: Person

Ook "Mary Herbert, Countess of Pembroke"
UBA: Mary@Sidney
UBU: Mary Sidney@Herbert*1562-1620*
LC : #Countess of#Mary Sidney Herbert@Pembroke*1561-1621*
Pembroke, Mary Sidney Herbert (countess of ; 1561-1621) 
Herbert, Mary Sidney (Countess of Pembroke) 
Pembrock, Maria (Gräfin von) 
Pembroke, ... (Countess of) 
Pembroke, Mary (Countess of) 
Sidney Herbert, Mary (Countess of Pembroke) 
Sidney, Mary (Countess of Pembroke) 
Mary Sidney Herbert Pembroke 
Mary Sidney Herbert 

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