Vaneigem, Raoul (1934-) an entity of type: Person

Vaneigem, Raoul (1934-) 
Banenkem, Raoul 
Zie ook Ratgeb 
LR 2587* 
Zie ook Jules-Fran├žois Dupuis 
Wikipedia: Raoul Vaneigem (born 1934) is a Belgian writer and philosopher. After leaving the Situationist movement Vaneigem wrote a series of polemical books defending the idea of a free and self-regulating social order. He frequently made use of pseudonyms, including "Julienne de Cherisy," "Robert Desessarts," "Jules-Fran├žois Dupuis," "Tristan Hannaniel," "Anne de Launay," "Ratgeb," and "Michel Thorgal." Recently he has been an advocate of a new type of strike, in which service and transportation workers provide services for free and refuse to collect payment or fares. 
Raoul Vaneigem 
xsd:gYear 1934 

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