Graham, Heather (1953-) an entity of type: Person

B0503095 vermeldt: cop Heather Graham Pozzessere
B8913649, B9710051 vermeldt cop. Heather E. Graham
B9808632 vermeldt: cop Graham Pozzessere
Wikipedia/Eng.: "Heather Graham Pozzessere (born March 15, 1953) is a best-selling US writer, who writes primarily romance novels. She also writes under her maiden name Heather Graham as well as the pen name Shannon Drake. She has written over 150 novels and novellas, has been published in approximately twenty-five languages, and has had over seventy-five million books in print"
Graham, Heather (1953-) 
Graham, Heather E. 
Pozzessere, Heather Graham 
Heather Graham 

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