Fields, W.C. (1880-1946) an entity of type: Person

Fields, W.C. (1880-1946) 
xsd:gYear 1946 
Bogle, Charles 
Criblecoblis, Otis 
Dukenfield, William Claude 
Dukinfield, William Claude 
Jeeves, Mahatma Kane 
acteur, zanger 
LC: Biographical/Historical Note: Stage name of William Claude Dukinfield 
b. 29 Jan. 1880 ( en NIET 1879!) 
LC: Found In: His Fielde for president, 1940. Groucho and W.C. Fields, 1994: p. 41 (always been some uncertainty as to Fields''[birth date], though Jan. 29, 1880 has found the widest acceptance) 
W.C. Fields 
xsd:gYear 1880 

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