Čūbak, Ṣādiq (1916-1999)

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Sadeq Chubak, sometimes Sadegh Choubak, (August 5, 1916 - July 3, 1998), was an author of short fiction, drama, novels and one of the leading 20th-century writers of Iran. Chubak's short stories are characterized by their intricacy, economy of detail, and concentration on a single theme, leading some to compare them to Persian miniature paintings.
Čūbak, Ṣādiq (1916-1999) 
Choubak, Sadegh 
Chubak, Sadeq 
Čoubak, Sâdeq 
Tschubak, Ssǎdegh 
Ṣādiq Čūbak 

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