Besant, Walter (1836-1901) an entity of type: Person

ISBN 185196617X, dl. 4: "Walter Besant (1836-1901) was a Cambridge graduate, 18th wrangler (zie WN-wo.boek) in 1859. ... first as a professor of the Loyal College in Mauritius 1861-7, then a Secretary to the Palestine Exploration Fund, and Chairman of the Society of Authors from 1884-92. His sympathy for the poor was reflected in writings such as All sorts and conditions of men (1882) and in The children of Gibeon (1886). He wrote seceral popular novels, biographies such as Rabelais (1879), and several important histories of the development of London"
literator (m.n. 'sociale romans') en literair criticus
LC: *1836-1901*
op kmc 300 stond: 1838-1901
Besant, Walter (1836-1901) 
Walter Besant 

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