Speed, John (1552-1629)

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Speed, John (1552-1629) 
xsd:gYear 1629 
S., I. 
Speede, John 
Speede, Iohn 
Speed, Iohn 
Speed, Jo 
Speede, I. 
Speede, Ihon 
Speede, Iohan 
publiceerde in 1611-1612 "Theatre of the empire of Great Britaine" (bekend als: 'miniature Speed') uit; in 1627, verscheen een folio-ed. hiervan o.d.t.: "England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland described and abridged with ye historie relation of things worthy memory from a farr larger volume done by John Speed", uitgegeven door George Humble, te Londen 
John Speed 
xsd:gYear 1552 

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