Ernst August (koning van Hannover ; 1771-1851) an entity of type: Person

Ernst August (koning van Hannover ; 1771-1851) 
xsd:gYear 1851 
Cumberland, ... (Duke of) 
Ernest Augustus (King of Hanover) 
Hannover, ... (King of) 
Hanover, ... (King of) 
Cumberland, Ernest Augustus (Duke of ... King of Hanover) 
Ernest August (duke of Cumberland, king of Hanover) 
Brunswijk Lüneburg, Ernst August van (Koning van Hannover) 
LC: @Ernest Augustus#King of Hanover#*1771-1851* 
Ernst August, König von Hannover 
König Ernst August von Hannover 
Ernst August, von Gottes gnaden König von Hannover 
Brief: Ernst August/van@Brunswijk Lüneburg#Koning van Hannover#*1771-1851* 
xsd:gYear 1771 

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