Buck, Pearl S. (1892-1973)

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NLMD/S 994
Enc. Britannica.: "Pearl S. Buck, née Pearl Comfort Sydenstricker, pseudonym John Sedges (born June 26, 1892, Hillsboro, West Virginia, U.S.—died March 6, 1973, Danby, Vermont), American author noted for her novels of life in China. She received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1938."
In Brinkman 1946-1950 Richard-John Walsh abusievelijk als werkelijke naam gemeld van Pearl S. Buck
Buck, Pearl S. (1892-1973) 
Bak, Perl 
Bāk, Bīrl 
Bāk, Parl ʾÉs 
Buck, Pearl 
Buck, Pearl Sydenstricker 
Buke furen 
Sai Zhenzhu 
Walsh, Richard-John 
Pearl S. Buck 
Pearl S. 

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