Gennep, Arnold van (1873-1957) an entity of type: Person

BN: Ethnologue et folkloriste d'expression franc╠žaise. - Traducteur des oeuvres de psychologie sexuelle de Havelock Ellis
Volgens BN pseudoniem van Arnold Kurr
Encyclopedia Brittanica: in full Charles-Arnold Kurr van Gennep French ethnographer and folklorist, best known for his studies of the rites of passage of various cultures. Although Gennep was born in Germany and had a Dutch father, he lived most of his life and received his education in France, his mother's native country.
neef van ALbert Verwey en Kitty van Vloten
Larousse:/Ned.Patr.: Ludwigsburg 1873-Bourg-la-Reine 1957
Gennep, Arnold van (1873-1957) 
Arnold van Gennep 
van Gennep 

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