Birkenhead, ... (Earl of ; 1872-1930) an entity of type: Person

Birkenhead, ... (Earl of ; 1872-1930) 
xsd:gYear 1930 
Smith, F.E. 
Smith, Frederick 
Birkenhead, ... (Lord) 
Birkenhead, ... (first Earl of) 
Birkenhead, Frederick Edwin Smith (1st Earl of) 
Frederick Edwin (Earl of Birkenhead) 
"... as Baron Birkenhead, ... 1919." 
"Birkenhead was created an earl in 1922. His Life (...) was written by his only son, Frederick Winston Furneaux Smith, 2nd earl." 
Enc.Britt. "Birkenhead, Frederick Edwin Smith, 1st earl of, known as F.E. Smith to 1919 (b. July 12, 1872, Birkenhead, Cheshire-d. Sept. 30, 1930, London), British statesman, lawyer, and denoted orator; as lord chancellor (1919-22), ... 
... Birkenhead 
xsd:gYear 1872 

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