Halle, Fannina W. (1881-1963)

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Halle, Fannina W. (1881-1963) 
xsd:gYear 1963 
Tate: "A portrait of Dr Fannina W. Halle (1881-1963), art historian and sociologist. Born in Panevezys, Lithuania (now part of Soviet Russia), she married in 1907 Dr Walter Halle, who with his brother owned half of the chemical concern Poznansky & Strelitz K.G. in the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, before the First World War (works in Vienna, Budapest and Witkowitz). She was herself a PhD of Vienna University and the author of a number of books on ancient Russian and Byzantine art and Soviet life, including Alrrussische Kunst 1921 and Die Frau in Sowiet-Russland (Women in Soviet Russia) 1932. She emigrated to the USA in 1940 and later became an American citizen. Her death took place in New York. " 
Fannina W. Halle 
xsd:gYear 1881 
Fannina W. 

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