Alle de wercken. an entity of type: CreativeWork

Incorporates: W.G. van Focquenbroch, Tweede deel van Thalia, eds 1675 and 1676; Vergilius, Bucolica, Dutch, 1666; and W.G. van Focquenbroch, Min in't lazarus-huys, 1675 
Another issue of the edition Amsterdam, B. Boekholt, 1676 
Alle de wercken. 
167508 - 1b1 A3 ap$h : 1b2 O5 $te$ - 2b1 A3 do : *2b2 P2 t$o - 3b1 A3 n$hi : 3b2 I4 uy - 4b1 A2 ng : 4b2 E5 m$i 
engraved title page 
illustrations on title page 
printer's device 
title page in different colours 
typeface Roman 
typographical title page 
A-O`SUP`8`LO`, `SUP`2`LO`A-P`SUP`8`LO`, `SUP`3`LO`A-H`SUP`8`LO` `SUP`3`LO`I`SUP`6`LO`, `SUP`4`LO`A-E`SUP`8`LO` (`SUP`3`LO`I6, `SUP`4`LO`E8 blank) 

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