De gewaande astrologist. Blyspél. an entity of type: Book

Sometimes described as an adaptation of Th. Corneille 
Also issued in: P.A. de Huybert van Kruiningen, Tooneelpoëzy, not before 1718 
Adaptation of P.A. de Huybert van Kruiningen, 't Boere bedrog 
De gewaande astrologist. Blyspél. 
*-2*`SUP`4`LO` A-D`SUP`4`LO` E`SUP`2`LO` 
171508 - a1 *3 $ : a2 2*3 eme - b1 A a : *b2 D3 $m 
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(By Pieter Anthony de Huybert van Kruiningen) 

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